Do You Think Are This Solution Bellow Can Kill Acne ?

You Can Use Strawberry for Acne Treatment

Strawberry for acne

Strawberry for Acne

Besides from its sweet and tasty taste, strawberry carries a lot of salicylic acid, and you can use strawberry for acne natural treatment and eliminate acne symptoms .

So let us discover how to use strawberry for acne, Instead of buying hundred dollars worth of beauty products

Strawberries for acne treatment:

 - Strawberries have an acidic property that can take away all those dead skin cells on top of your skin. This property makes strawberries one of the perfect natural face mask clean .

- Strawberries have a salicylic acid that can fight acne and blackheads .

- Strawberries may just be the kind of fruit you need to eat and the kind of natural food you can turn into acne fighter which you can use strawberry for acne

- Strawberries can also be turned into a natural acne treatment because they have natural elements that can lighten up the skin and combat acne .

- Strawberries have antibacterial properties. this is the reason why they were used for medical purposes back in the days. They include properties and natural chemicals that can help the body protect itself from microbes and other illnesses .

Strawberries face mask:

  - Before making strawberries face mask you, must clean your skin from probable causes of acne like dirt and other allergens .

-  Making a strawberry pimples filter is really easy. All you need to make your own pimples shooting strawberry filter is 1cup fresh strawberries( Ideally organic). Mash cleaned berries into a pulp and implement to fresh, dry skin.

-  Leave the mask on your face for 30 minutes before cleaning of with warm water .

Strawberry for acne

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