Do You Think Are This Solution Bellow Can Kill Acne ?

Fruit for Acne

Fruit for Acne

Fruit for Acne

Eating fruit is a really one of the most effective way to treat acne.

The most effective fruit for acne is fruit with an orange or red skin.

I think you know witout a doubt that a healthy eating plan is very essential when it comes to  treat acne.

Below you will find six types of fruit that are very effective to treat acne.

And also they have much more benefits associated to health than only avoiding acne.

Cherries for acne:

Personally cherries are my preferred fruit. Not only are they cleaning the bleed but they also include a lot of vitamins. Vitamin A, a proven vitamin to treat acne and vitamin C. Did you know that cherries are also very helpful for a good evening sleep.

Strawberries for acne :

Strawberries have powerful anti acne-activity. Strawberry contains alpha-hydroxy acid it slough of inactive skin cells. This way new youthful skin cells are exposed.

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Bananas for acne :

A banana is a kind of a probiotic food - it includes live bacteria - just like red onion and artichokes, oatmeal and goat's milk. Eating probiotic fruit can help you to feed the good bacteria.

In stead of eating you can also take a supplement but I am sure your prefer to eat a banana.

But don't eat to a lot bananas in fact one banana a day is already enough.

Grape fruit a sub-tropical citrus shrub is a useful resource of vitamin c. As you may know vitamin c is a very good vitamin when it comes to skin cleansing. Also you can find vitamin c in oranges and in lemons. I have tested this out and they are also excellent to stop acne.

Papayas for acne :

Papaya native to the tropics of America is an effective ingredient when it comes to skin care.

Eating papayas - which contains enzymes - is a good way to rejuvenating and repairing the skin.

This is the last type of fruit that I will explain here. The most effective way to treat acne with lemons is not by drinking the juice, it is really very better, but to use lemon juice on your acne spots.

So now you know seven fruit types that are effective to avoid or even treat acne. You don't have any cause now to not try it out. And even when you don't have acne it won't hurt your body.


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  3. Love it! Very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful.


  4. Thank you for the idea on how to treat acne. I will surely try this one. My acne is always my problem. And I don't have confident in everything I do because of this.